Bubblepics Disk-Options

Our photoshoots now include 2 disk options allowing you to keep all your images forever. It will also allow you to order inexpensive prints online, make screensavers, greeting cards and many other image choices.

2 Disk options are available:

Option 1: 'Jpeg' images are a compressed lossy format which means they are ideal for working with on your computer as they open and close quickly. They are also good for sharing by email as when closed they are compressed to around 1/6 their full size. Typically we provide a 30mb image which is around 6mb when closed. These images are good for prints up to 24" x 20"

Option 2 'Tiff' images are the highest quality and resolution possible and not compressed so they contain much more colour and contrast information and allow prints of almost any size up to 3mtr x 2mtr. Typically the images we provide are 70mb which is professional quality size but do take much longer to open and edit on your computer.