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Submatic SCR Rebreathers
The future of diving

Extend your bottom time and reduce decompression time with the new Submatix semi-closed rebreather. They’re lightweight, fully automated and easy to use. Step into the future of diving.

Semi-closed rebreathers recycle your air, meaning there’s no need for big cylinders and the air you breathe is warm and moist, so say goodbye to a cold, dried out mouth. They automatically give you the best possible nitrox mix for the depth you’re at, which vastly extends bottom time and reduces decompression time. During the course you’ll practice using them in the pool and then take them on open water dives in the UK or abroad.

After completing this course you’ll be fully qualified to dive to a maximum depth of 40 metres with a Submatix semi-closed rebreather up to a maximum nitrox mix of 40% oxygen. This course is also one of the prerequisites for closed-circuit rebreather training.

Three days. 1 day pool/theory 2 days Open Water

£349 (includes course materials, equipment hire and instruction)

Minimum Age
15 years

Advanced Open Water plus Enriched Air Nitrox or equivalent qualifications from other training organisations

West London for confined water, UK, Malta or Red Sea for Open Water dives

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