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DSAT Gas Blender Course
Beyond Recreation

More people are diving with enriched air and this means the demand for enriched air fills is also increasing. However, there needs to be someone qualified to administer these fills to meet this demand. This is where the DSAT Gas Blender course comes in, it will improve your knowledge of diving gases, the equipment needed to handle them, and will make you more employable in the diving world.

The course can result in one of two certifications: DSAT Gas Blender or DSAT Trimix Blender. In both cases you learn formulas and procedures for making the perfect gas mix, the equipment you’ll need to do it, and the differences between different gas blending systems with some practical application in actually doing some fills.

After completing this course, you’ll be qualified to mix enriched air / trimix using a variety of gas-blending systems. You might also want to get further experience diving with mixed gases on one of our Rebreather, or Technical courses.

One day plus home study

£85 (includes course materials and instruction)

Minimum Age
18 years

Enriched Air Diver or equivalent from another organisation

West London

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